Monday, May 23, 2011

Carnation Tutorial

Earlier this month I shared a project - Carnation Bouquet. Here is the complete tutorial to make the carnation flowers.

Materials Used:

Cutting Files: Carnation & Leaf Set
Bazzill Basics Paper-White, Hillary & Dark Green
Ancient Page Inkpad-Coral Red
Style Stones Inking Brush
Mini Mister with Water
Hot Melt Glue Gun
Prit Gel Adhesive
Glue Stick
Paper Ribbon

Instructions to make flower heads:

Step One:

Open your carnation flower cut file.  Ungroup the individual flowers and then copy the largest one so that you have two of this one.  Re-arrange the flowers to maximise paper usage and then regroup.
Resize the group of flowers to desired size.  I resized so that the largest flower is 8cm (3 1/8”)
Each group of flowers makes one individual carnation head.  Cut out desired number of flowers.

Step Two:

Using the ink pad and inking brush, edge each of the petals. 

Step Three:

Spray each of the petals, using the mini mister.  Turn over and spray on the other side.

Step Four:

Crumple up the petals into a small ball and then carefully unfold.  Using your heat gun, dry each petal.
I would do step three and four on two petals at a time.  Repeat until all petals have been done.

Step Five:

Using a stylus and a mouse pad, indent the centre of each petal. 

Step Six:

Stack the petals one on top of each other, making sure the petals are offset.  Start with the two largest and work down to the smallest.   Secure each layer with adhesive. 

Instructions to make the stems:

 Step One:
Open the Carnation Leaf file and cut out two sets of the three different size leaves for each flower.
Paint these with the green paint if desired and set aside to dry.

Step Two:

Take a small ball of paper clay and attach it to the end of the skewer, shaping it into a flower base.  Allow to dry completely.

Step Three:
Using the paper ribbon wrap the skewer starting at the bottom.  Secure with adhesive.  I used a glue stick for this as I was able to run it over the paper ribbon at both the start and end.

Step Four:

Paint with green paint and allow to dry. (I haven’t done this in the photos due to time constraints)
Step Five:
Curl the leaves using scissors as you would if you were curling gift wrap ribbon.

Step Six:

Starting with the largest pair of leaves, hold in place near the bottom of the skewer and wrap with some paper ribbon to secure.  You only need a small piece for this about 7.5cm (3")  Once again I've applied some glue from a glue stick to the ribbon.  Continue to place the remaining two sets of leaves on the stem in the same manner, using the mid size ones next.  Touch up with paint is desired.

To finish your flower, attach the carnaton head to the stem, I find hot melt glue works best for this.  Arrange the petals to give a more realistic look to the flower.  I bend the bottom petals down to hide most of the paper clay. 

After my flowers were finished I decorated a glass vase and arranged them securing them with some foam in the bottom of the vase.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and find it useful.  I hope to be making tutorials a regular feature on this blog.
If you would like the cutting files used in this tutorial they are available for purchase both on my digi wesite and over at Die Cut Designer.  If you like the project but don't have an electronic cutter I have kits available over on my website

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